We are very excited to announce that JCL Action Plan approved by the CPSC September 18, 2009. What this means to our dealers is that JCL will provide models to cover the needs if all different age group end customers and everything from JCL will be compliant according to the new CPSC regulations. All JCL end customers can now register and participate in our ATV field safe riding training through ASI’s ATV Safety training course. For more information visit www.jclusa.com/safty-tips.htm or call our 24-hour hotline 800-887-2887.

Beside the training course, the end customers who attend this FREE training class and provide JCL with proof of completion will also receive an incentive award for up to $100.00.

The CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, voted to approve JCL to sell ALL TYPEs of ATVs which are covered as following:

Cat Y6+:
for age 6-year and older
Cat Y10+:
for age 10-year and older
Cat Y12+:
for age 12-year and older
Cat T:
for age 14-year and older
Cat S:
for age 16-year and older
Cat G:
for age 16-year and older
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