Time:2015-12-23 01:41:05
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Time:2015-08-10 19:52:01
This site doesn’t seem to be very active and there don’t seem to be many other slmiiar sites. This is surprising, since the possibility of social collapse of some sort in the next few decades is real. I’m also not sure whether anyone here is trying to get something concrete going to attempt to preserve some part of our civilization’s knowledge, H-bombs and germ warfare exempted.Anyway, for the record, here are some thoughts as to how the problem should be addressed.-There are more efficient ways to preserve knowledge than a single multi-billion dollar government-supported facility. A single site would be vulnerable to whatever catastrophe befell the world. Assuming it survived, its location and contents would probably be known and the facility would therefore probably be a tempting prize for whichever semi-literate local warlord(s) eventually came to power. In the event it was overrun, it would likely be trashed to some degree.-My idea for knowledge preservation is based on a science fiction story I read years ago. In that story, aliens planted a “knowledge gate” on earth to monitor the progress of human intelligence. The “gate” was actually a series of gates to sequential virtual rooms, each one containing knowledge of increasing complexity. Access to the next room required solving a puzzle based on knowledge mastered in the previous room. A slmiiar concept could be applied successfully to advance a post-apocalyptic world.-Based on the foregoing and probably because I’m a Geological Engineer by training, my vision is as follows:oScores of sites would be built around the world in abandoned mine workings. Most of these would survive any conceivable catastrophe short of a very large asteroid impact.oLocations would be semi-secret but it would be made generally known that the sites contained little of value except knowledge media. This would eliminate the “war prize” factor.oSurface entrances would be concealed, but at each location, there would be an indicator (light, siren) on a timer programmed to broadcast its presence and entry instructions at various random intervals, say 50 to 500 years out. Sites would broadcast their locations at different timesoEach location would consist of several underground rooms containing knowledge media. Instructions regarding the location of the next room would require mastering the knowledge in the previous one. If the rooms were camouflaged to some degree, they would be almost impossible to find in an underground labyrinth of abandoned drifts, raises, stopes, etc. without instructions.oRooms’ contents would be slmiiar at all sites, probably starting with basic language (English, Chinese?) instruction. Sites would have to include local content to some degree. It would make little sense to show someone how to mine bauxite to smelt aluminum in places where there is none or how to make steel where there is little coal, limestone or iron ore.-Initially, significant research will be necessary to get something like this going. I’m pretty sure, however, that each site could eventually be built at a cost comparable to that of building a few of modern school buildings. The research, knowledge accumulation and site construction could therefore probably be undertaken by a non-profit private foundation. I’d be willing to contribute funds to such a foundation myself and I’m convinced thousands of people like me around the world would do likewise.Anyway, that’s my two cents worth for now. Hopefully some like-minded people will read this and contact me to try and get something concrete like this off the ground. There’s probably still a few decades left before the doo-doo hits the fan but time definitely appears to be running out.

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Name:Xavier Milner
Time:2012-10-09 15:37:29
Do the saddlebags come with the bike.

Time:2012-10-05 15:09:36
anything bad about the Brute. But since you decided to wgrnoly respond, I will say it now. I had an '07 Brute 750. Although having good power, it constantly required work. The airbox design sucks. Tie rod ends wore out. Once stuck in a mud hole in 2wd, 4wd didn't want to engage (must be engaged BEFORE going in). The CVT design is inferior. Despite my Brute having 27 Mud Lites, more power, and a front locker, my '06 Wolverine 450 climbs steep hills better.

Time:2012-10-05 05:09:22
yeah the brutes prtety light for its size but its not the lightest or the tallest when your in mud i love the brute its light i was riding with my cousin and his friend they both had sportsman 800 and they were talking shit so i told them lets go play in this swamp/mud there was like 3feet of water and the rest was mud but they got stuck and i just was runing circles around them bcause i was lighter and i had wide tires the swamplights are great tires i love them look them up on youtu

Time:2012-10-05 01:13:58
Hi sweet Sailing,You really make me smile in a good way. Freedom is all in the mind. That is a place, which ndbooy can interfere. Whatever they take from you, in which kind of bad situation you are or what you will lose, if your mind works properly, that is really of your own and ndbooy else.To be young and having the experience of an older person, well that should be an ideal wish for everybody. Certainly my wish. What is the most difficult thing in life? To live as simple as possible. The older you get, the more your mind is occupied with unnecessary worries. Even I know, that this can be a daily burden. The body is getter weaker and will not be as flexible anymore.But your mind can be always young. Pain in your brain, that is the worst thing, what a human can experience. To lose your reality.What ever your dreams are, it is always nice that you have them. It doesn't matter how reality can be. The less you think, the more you are happy. LIfe isn't always bad or always good, it is most of the time somewhere in the middle. But the moment is what you experience.A good meditation is a state of the mind, which has no thoughts. Free of worries. To talk about envy, we have a Dutch saying: what you get from far away, it is always nicer/better It is all in the mind.

Time:2012-10-05 00:40:32
You have shed a ray of sunhisne into the forum. Thanks!