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03/16/2009   Modshop Section has been added under header menu.

06/20/2008   Commend Section has been added under each model. Your experience and opnion is really important to us. Please leave your commend, and we will reply you ASAP.

06/15/2008   NEW website has been done. Please enjoy it, and help us to improve it.

03/31/2008    "Dealer Login" section has been added. This section allows online access for JCL dealers to press orders, review orders histories, review tracking status, and much more advantages...Please contact your sales representative for more information.

02/11/2008    The video of test drive for JCL future 3-wheel product Tri Sport.

02/06/2008    Come see us at Dealer Expo 2008 in Indianapolis on Feb. 15-18. Booth number #6708. Show specials and giveaways at the show.

11/20/2007    News to all prospects and dealers, please see "Services - Document Support - Dealer Document Support"

11/20/2007    JCL-250 Dirt Bike give-away to Kenneth Smith;

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